Saturday, March 9


Sense and Sensibility.

What you are trying to do now is just temperary.
I know all your deep dark secrets.
And you shall have no way to escape from the fact that you are seriously trying to do something so wrong and awkward.
Something that is not right and it should not be happen.
Even if it really happens, you shall not or never ever think that this happened for a reason.
This is not a joke and it is a serious shit that you could not imagine the worst outcome.
You need to get back on your track and be insistent.

Wipe it out. After tonight.

I love y'all.

Monday, February 18

The current.

"I'm fine." - I'm not so okay.

"I'm happy for you." - I'm happy but I'm sad too because it's none of my business anyway.

"If you are happy, then I am happy too." - Trying to force myself to be happy as well, just for you.

"I have fun!" - I am so fucking happy that I will kiss your ass. Right here, right now.

I was happy, a minute ago.
Everything seems fine and close to perfect.
I got nothing to worry of and I love how the way it is now.

But, I am a sentitive, emotional human being.

I got feelings too even I don't show it on my hillarious face.
I feel the pains too even I'm putting on a big wide smile with my bad messy teeth on my face.
I got roller coaster ride of ups and downs too.
I am afraid of losing things I like and people I love so much. Just like all the people do.

Yes, I am a sentitive,emotional human being afterall.

Please do not take my sincere for granted.
It will took me a long, long time to recover.

Friday, October 19

Tuesday, October 16